• "The young Piano Trio Immersio is one of the biggest surprises of last year. Precision and detailed work never hinder their ability to view the full picture nor do they interfere with the pleasure of music-making."  Bernhard Gander, composer www.bernhardgander.at                             

  • "Trio Immersio's style of playing is defined by an incredible mixture of penetrating lyricism, intellectual depth and bright explosions of the creative fire. In my opinion, these unique characteristics of Trio Immersio are partially pre-defined by the merging of unique National schools of playing, cultures and styles and reflect  the multi-cultural heritage of the three members." Olena Zinchenko, publicistLigue of Culture" (N.9, pages 105-108)

  • "Trio Immersio is a synthesis of elegance, discipline and passion in chamber music. These qualities are also strongly present in individual members of this stunning ensemble"Luca Monti, Haydn Chamber Ensemble, www.lucamonti.com


  • "CD '3' is a deeply moving, imaginative and colorful dedication to the Austrian music. Trio Immersio shows full control and knowledge of stylistically appropriate approaches to repertoire from different historical eras.While listening to J. Haydn's Trio in C major one can almost smell fresh grass and warm soil after the rain around the Estherhazy palace. F. Schubert's 'Notturno' is played with breathtaking precision and refinement, transporting listeners directly into the composers sincere and emotional sound-world. J. Brahms's Trio in c minor is played with power, fire and shows great skill in constructing big form cycles.B.Gander's contemporary trio is a major contrast to the rest of the repertoire but serves as an excellent 'soundtrack' to the daily lives of the 21st century people."  Iryna Imnadze, musicologist National Public Broadcasting of Georgia

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